Useful Tips for Running Betting

Running is the most popular sport in the world due to its simplicity and accessibility. Different types of athletic contests provide ample opportunities for betting. You can find championships that are right for you.
First, let’s learn more about the history of the development of the most popular sport on the planet and what benefits it provides for betting.

The History of the Development of the Most Popular Sport on Earth

Running has been known to mankind since prehistoric times. Thanks to running, our ancestors avoided dangers and earned their livelihood. It would not be superfluous to say that the ability to run fast has become a determining factor in the survival of the human species.

The first mention of athletics as a sport dates back to 776 BC when mankind did not yet know about such sports as football or golf. The first Olympic Games included competitions exclusively in running, which allows us to conclude that the Olympic Games arose thanks to running.

Since then, running has evolved and taken on a more competitive look. Various athletic tournaments and disciplines have appeared. Modern rules and regulations for athletics were formulated in 1837 in Great Britain. After the revival of the Olympic Games, running has taken its place of honor among the competitive disciplines and every year attracts millions of spectators and thousands of athletes, which positively affects the odds for wagering on running.

Modern Types of Running Competitions

At the moment, thousands of amateur and professional races are held annually around the world. Unfortunately, only a small part is represented among bookmakers for making wagers. Let’s find out which events are held and which of them can bring us a good win on bets.

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Sprint is a classic Olympic type of athletic competition in which athletes compete to see who can run the fastest distance from 30 to 400 meters. The most popular distances among bettors are 100, 200, and 400 meters. When wagering on such events, it is worth considering the physical form of the runners and their motivation. Don’t forget that young athletes perform much better at short distances due to their explosive power, energy, and motivation to become a winner. Betting on a promising outsider can bring you good dividends.
Middle distance is an Olympic type of competition in which runners compete to be the first to overcome a distance of 800 to 3000 meters.

– such races are held at a distance of 5,000 to 10,000 meters. In such competitions, in addition to speed, the endurance and experience of the athlete are of great importance. Young athletes often use all their energy at the beginning of the race. More experienced runners know to calculate their stamina and are more successful in long-distance races. Keep this in mind when wagering on running.

– such races are distinguished by their entertainment and the beauty of landscapes. Usually, such competitions are held in picturesque forests or plains. The most famous competition of this type is the IAAF Cross Country World Championship, which was established in 1973. Finding a bookmaker that allows you to bet on such athletic competitions is quite difficult. If you find one, you will get incomparable pleasure from wagering on such sporting events.
Mountain running is an even more spectacular and eye-catching kind of athletic competition. It is a real pleasure to watch athletes overcoming mountain slopes. Often such competitions are held in the most picturesque places on the planet, for example, in the Alps or the mountains of Greece. Unfortunately, not all bookmakers accept bets on this type of race.

Trail running – very similar to running in the mountains, but a prerequisite is an exclusively dirt road under the feet of the athletes, excluding hard sections. Thus, it is possible to avoid unnecessary stress on the legs and joints of athletes. These types of competitions are also not very popular among bettors, but sometimes they are among the possible wagers among bookmakers. If you are lucky enough to find an opportunity to wager on such an event – do not lose your chance!
Marathons – such competitions are extremely popular all over the planet and are regularly held. The distance is the longest and is 42 kilometers 195 meters. Such races are a real test of endurance and willpower of athletes.

Types of Bets on Running

So you got acquainted with the main types of athletic competitions, which are represented to some extent among bookmakers for making wagers. Let’s go directly to the rates. Let’s see what types of wagers on athletics are offered to us by bookmakers.

  • Qualification – in order to get into the main competition, athletes must pass the appropriate selection. Such races are called qualification races. Athletes who have shown the best results are allowed to participate in the main competitions. This type of betting is widely represented on bookmaker websites. You need to study the physical condition of the athletes and their performance in order to make a successful bet.
  • Win – such wagers are the most popular and profitable. You just need to predict which athlete will be the first to finish and place a bet accordingly.
  • Top 3 – this type of wager offers you to bet that the selected athlete will be in the top three. In Olympic competitions, 1st place corresponds to a gold medal, 2nd silver, and 3rd bronze.
  • New record – you can bet on whether a new world record will be set at a given distance. Despite the long history of this sport, records are set with enviable regularity. An example is the triumph of the famous athlete Usain Bolt.
  • Disqualification – not the most popular, but quite a lucrative bet that a given athlete will be disqualified from a given race.

Discover the World of Running Betting and Win!

As you can see, running is the most popular sport on earth, but unfortunately not so popular among bettors. But don’t get upset! There is a lot to be gained from this – such wagers are less risky, more profitable, and often spectacular!