Racing Points for 2018


The new Cyclades Trail Cup Point System will be implemented this year for the first time nationwide, since it was created exclusively for the needs and distinctive features of the races on our islands. Possible modifications will be announced after its first test run.

With the new system, every event regardless of distance will give score points to each athlete for the Cyclades Trail Cup. The athlete is no longer obligated to take part in the longer, 20-25 km distances, but may also choose races with less difficulty.

Each race features a number from 1 to 100 that depicts its degree of difficulty. This is the fixed amount of points that each athlete that finishes the race will receive. The 100-degree difficulty race is the most challenging course of the Cyclades Trail Cup.

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The points awarded for each race of the Cyclades Trail Cup 2018 are as followed:

  • Kimolos Trail – 21kmCTC_83ps
  • Kimolos Trail – 9km – CTC_33ps
  • Folegandros Sunset Trail – 10km – CTC_43ps
  • Ios Trail Race – 24km – CTC_91ps
  • Ios Trail Race – 14km – CTC_56ps
  • Andros Trail Race – 24km – CTC_100ps
  • Andros Trail Race – 10km – CTC_43ps
  • Andros Trail Race – 5km – CTC_21ps
  • Kythnos Challenge – Spike + 19km – CTC_80ps
  • Kythnos Challenge – Spike + 6km – CTC_34ps
  • Tinos Challenge – Vertical + 20km – CTC_93ps
  • Tinos Challenge – Vertical + 5km – CTC_31ps

The Winners and Cyclades Champions will be the male and female athletes with the highest total amount of CTC Points.