Tinos Challenge new date in January


Organizers of the 4th Tinos Challenge trail running race announce a necessary postpone of the Tinos island trail race.

The Tinos Challenge trail running event started in 2016 with the support of small local businesses and local communities. There are no financial sponsorship and the Municipality of Tinos is not supporting the event. All expenses are covered from the participation fees and with private money from the directors. There is no golden sponsor and all security issues must be achieved by applying pressure to local authorities. For the Tinos Challenge 2019 no sufficient local support has been achieved and security risks are still uncovered.

Even if the registration form opened on February, for the past 9 months athletes did not register for the Tinos Challenge race. As a result, only 30 participants are ready to visit the island of Tinos.

Postponing the event is the only way to avoid cancellation. The new date for the 4th Tinos Challenge trail race will be 18 & 19 January 2020.

*participants who want their money returned, can contact the management by sending a message, here.