On Sunday 19 January at 08:30 the 4th Tinos Challenge trail race will start!

If you finish the “Mini Challenge” by running the Castle Vertical race & the 7km trail race you will be awarded with Cyclades Trail Cup points. The total points for this combination are: CTC_38ps. Read more here.

The starting point will be at the quart-yard of the Catholic monastery of Holy Heart at the top of mountain Exomvourgo and the first kilometers are downhill running consisting of stone and marble steps. Almost 85% of the route consists of traditional handmade walking paths and the direction of running will be clockwise around the mountain Exomvourgo. The route is common with the 20km race for the first 3,5km.


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Every traditional village has its own fountain with water. Since you are a long distance runner, it would be wise to have your own flask with you and refill it every time you can. The refreshment stations will offer you: water, Epsa soda, Nissos beer, dry nuts, dry grapes, fruit and local products

0,8km – Koumaros – water from fountain

2,2km – Volax – water from fountain

3,7kmAgapi1st Refreshment Station

6kmKoumaros – 2nd Refreshment Station