Every race participating in the Cyclades Trail Cup has to follow guidelines regarding Cultural sub-events on every race event. In Tinos island we “marry” sports with gastronomy by offering local products in every aspect of the event.

On Saturday 18 January, after the vertical race, at 17:30 at the Monastery of the Holy Heart, the HELIOS Pasta Party will begin.

On Sunday 19 January the Fragkiskes restaurant will prepare a traditional breakfast buffet for every participant. Come at the Monastery of the Holy Heart at 07:00.

Local products and unique recipe food will be offered at the refreshment stations of the race!


Saturday 18 January 2020

10:00 – Reception opening and new registrations, at the Monastery of the Holy Heart

16:00 – Start of the Castle Vertical  *there will be only ONE start for all runners at the same time

17:30 – Race finish

17:35 – Start of the “HELIOS Pasta Party” at the Monastery of the Holy Heart

18:40 – Technical Presentation at the Monastery of the Holy Heart

20:00 – Event finish

Sunday 19 January 2020

*the reception will NOT open on Sunday 1 December!

07:00 – Breakfast Buffet

08:15 – Sort technical presentation

08:30 – Start of the 20km & 7km races

13:00 – Race finish

13:10 – Award ceremony

13:40 – Event finish