In route and at key positions our medical staff and local firefighters and police officers will protect you from harm. Some of our volunteers have training in first aid and will help you if needed. At the start/finish point will be an ambulance with a defibrillator. At key points, our volunteers will have a car to assist you if needed. Your health is your responsibility and before registering to this race you will have to check with your doctor. At the reception desk, on Saturday 19 October, you will have to sign a disclaimer agreement and your ID/Passport number will be needed.


Every traditional village has its own fountain with water. Since you are a long distance runner, it would be wise to have your own flask with you and refill it every time you can. The refreshment stations will offer you: Kostilatas water, Epsa soda, Nissos beer, dry nuts, dry grapes, fruit and local products


For your ferry tickets, our Mega Sponsor, Zante Ferries, is offering a discount of 25% for your personal tickets on their ship “Dionisios Solomos”, from 18/10 to 22/10.

In order to book your ticket you will need to provide your ID Number, after registering to the Kythnos Challenge trail race. Information will be send to you by e-mail, after registration.


All runners will get a unique medal of the race.

The prizes of the Kythnos Challenge trail race are handmade. The first 3 men and 3 women finishing of the 16km race will get a prize. Awards will also be given to the 1st man and woman local to Kythnos island.

Several photographers will be placed at key points of the race and all photos will be available 7 days after the race.