Friday, October 18, 2019


Every race participating in the Cyclades Trail Cup has to follow guidelines regarding Cultural sub-events on every race event. In Kea island we “marry” sports with archaeology. Would you like to discover Kea by playing a game? Now you can form a team and participate in a brand new game creation by the Diadrasis team. 

On Saturday 13 April, at 11:00, come with your team and search for clues in the surrounding area of Ioulida village of Kea island. Meet the local and form new friendships! The maximum limit of teams is set to 12 and every team can have from 2 up to 6 people.

Also on Saturday 13 April, after the Downhill race, all participants will be guided through the Ancient city of Karthaia. Same day, at 20:30 in Mylopotamos area, at the Folklore Museum, all participants can learn about the life o locals in the last 200 years.

*At night of Saturday 13 April, at 21:00, don’t forget to watch the Technical Presentation of the next days routes and learn more about the Kea Challenge trail race.

On Sunday 14 April, after the last runners finish, the winners of the Cyclades Trail Cup 2018 will be awarded.

Of course in Kea like in all of our events, local products will be offered freely!


Sports and Cultural Schedule 

Saturday 13 April 2019

09:00 – Registration desk opens, at the port of Korissia

11:00 – Game of cultural heritage for everyone

13:00 – Registration desk closes

14:00 – Buses leave from the port to Ioulida and then Stavroudaki village

15:00 – Start of Downhill race  *depending of the amount of participants, possible multiple starting

15:40 – Finish of Downhill race

15:45 – Guided tour through the Ancient city of Karthaia

17:30 – Trekking uphill towards Stavroudaki village

18:30 – Buses leave from  Stavroudaki village to Ioulida and then the port of Korissia

20:30 – Guided tour at the Folklore Museum of Mylopotamos 

21:00 – Technical presentation of Sundays races, at the gardens of the museum

21:30 – Greek night at the gardens of the museum


Sunday 14 April 2019

*the reception desk will NOT open on Sunday

07:30 – Buses leave from the port to Ioulida village

08:15 – Short technical description

08:30 – Start of the 18km trail race, at the Historical Municipality of Kea building

09:00 – Start of the 5km trail race, at the Historical Municipality of Kea building

12:15 – Finish of races

12:30 – Winners awards for Kea Challenge

13:00 – Winners awards for Cyclades Trail Cup 2018

13:20 – Event Finish

13:30 – Buses leave for the port of Korissia