Race Removal – Cyclades Trail Cup


The organizing authority of the Cyclades Trail Cup, would like to inform all athletes, volunteers, partners and sponsors that the trail running event that took place at Ios island on Saturday 8 September and is named “Ios Adventure” will from now on be removed from the Cyclades Trail Cup series.

The philosophy behind the Cyclades Trail Cup is to offer an opportunity and motive for new participants and the local community to experience an athletic and cultural mixture event that promotes the Cycladic islands of Greece. To create walking and running routes especially designed regarding the local area and attributes, promoting the sport tourism movement. To promote the natural beauty and the traditional handmade trekking paths of all Cycladic and combine all sport events with cultural sub-events, offering all participants a unique experience. To follow strickt rules that provide safety and security to participants and protect the environment from human interventions and inform participants and locals about the benefits of sport tourism through educational seminars. To promote local, Cycladic and Greek products as long as small local businesses.

All events participating in the Cyclades Trail Cup, support the philosophy, follow the rules and keep the high standards to provide a solid experience. Events and organizers who decide to follow some rules and fail to understand our philosophy and strategy, will be removed from our running series, at once.

***all athletes who finished either the 14km or 24km trail race of Ios Adventure, will be awarded Cyclades Trail Cup points. The number of points might change, because the routes had some last minute changes as well and the consistency of terrain is different.