Kea Challenge – Thank You!

Photo Credits: Ypatia Kornarou –

The first trail running race: Kea Challenge was successful! On Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 of April 2019, the Greek island of Kea welcomed 120 athletes from all around Greece and other countries and presented 3 new running routes through the traditional handmade trekking paths of the island.

The Kea Challenge trail race was organized by the Municipality of Kea island in cooperation with the Anavathmides firm and was supported by the local authorities, professionals, accusations and people.

Photo Credits: Ypatia Kornarou –

We would like to thank everyone: 

The association of “Women of Kea” for creating the award prizes, cross-stitching every piece with love! 

The local association of dancers of the municipality of Kea (Yiannis Servos, Yiota Goumatzani, Dimitris Atzakas, Nikos Servos, Dimitris Kozadinos, Katerina Avgoustaki, Yiannis Tsourtis, Chrisoula Servou, Nikos Kozadinos, Maria Papageorgiou, Kiriaki Tounta, Konstantina Tsourti) for dancing on Saturday night at the Folklore museum of Mylopotoamos. We also thank the Mouzaki family for providing their museum and gardens for the event. 

The police force of Kea island was responsible for the guarding the road crossings and the fire departmenet of Kea was at the hardest parts of the race, monitoring. Also the rescue team Protecta was there for any athlete to provide first aid if needed. Also the firm Ploes for being at Karthaia city with a rescue boat.

Volunteering to the event were also the association of old football players of Kea, the team of Kea Darts, the local gymnastics teacher Elena Vlachaki and the volunteer Anna Podogyrou

We also thank the archaeologist Tania Panagou for providing us with all necessary content of the Karthaia ancient city. 

The ferry companies Karystia and Goutos Lines for providing us free passage for our executive personel. Also the restaurants and taverns: Steki ton Kalofagadon, Coffee Varadi,Coffee En Leuko, Psinesai for offering food for our rescue teams. 

Our sponsors: Oakmeal, Rodi Keas, Kea Almonds, Aristaios, To Eklekton Market, Zagori Water, Helios Pasta, Nissos Beer, Epsa spirits.  

The signs for the race where put with the help of the local, Agelos Morfovasilis

On the weekend of the event, the Diadrasis NGO had organized a cultural exploration game named Ioul..eida. Participants could form team and search for clues in the main village, Ioulida. We thank the association of Kea people everywhere for providing us photos for the game and we thank Maria Mouzaki for participating in the organizing of it. 

The Municipality of Kea island was responsible of clearing the paths of the race when and where it was necessary. We thank the men and women participating in the cleaning act and also for the help of transporting equipment and products. 

Photo Credits: Ypatia Kornarou –