The Society of Volunteers Against Cancer – Agaliazo is supporting cancer patients in a daily base for 43 years. Within our projects regarding prevention, we participate at Andros Trail Race with the implementation of a scientific lecture regarding Skin Cancer and Melanoma by a dermatologist and the distribution of scientific leaflets of our organization by volunteers to all participants. This project is being kindly sponsored by the pharmaceutical company Bristol Myers Squibb

Unrevealed Heritage

Unrevealed is for us the most representative word for referring to heritage upon which our work is concentrated. It means treasures known only to their users or their closely related community. We believe that unrevealed heritage, has enormous potentials if treated in cooperation with heritage experts and passionates of the specific heritage. Whether a small museum, or a local chapel or customs and traditions, let us join forces to engage more people in saving our heritage for the benefit of all.

Our Mission

To Care, Conserve, Protect, and raise Awareness on unrevealed Cultural Heritage with interactive training, research, involvement, experience and dissemination of knowledge, expertise and passion.

With Who, For who?

Whether you are a heritage expert, or a community with an undiscovered piece of Heritage, or more simply you love Heritage and Culture and want to discover what more can you do, join our team and experience, care, love, and learn more on Heritage in a diadrastic way!